Multi-Sensory Gesture Based Login for People with Special needs and Doctors in Clinical Environment


·  Disabled people are not always able to use the keyboard properly.

·  Entering passwords is a special problem. Slow entry can allow others to see the password.

·  Doctors in clinical environment wants hands-free access to computers in cases where hands are engaged.


·  We have developed a multi-sensor based password entry environment for the physically challenged that allows users to log in using hand gestures.

·  The gestures can be detected even in a dark room using only an infra-red light or through reading the EMG signals produced by muscle activity due to movement of hand.


·  A disabled person can enter password at her own speed without having to worry about privacy issues.

·  For alphanumeric characters, fingers from both hands as well as arm position can be used to define all characters.

·  For numeric only passwords, a combination of simple and easy to remember gestures can be used.

·  EMG signal based solution can be used at ATMs because passwords can be entered with the hand in pocket and password entry cannot be recognized with a hidden video camera.

·  Doctors often cannot touch keyboards while performing medical procedures due to fear of contamination. They can use this facility to log on to systems without touching the keyboard.

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