Multimedia Big Data support of e-Health applications


·  Health sensors produce a large amount of data.

·  With the increase in use of health sensors by patients, the amount of data produced is increasing at an alarming speed. This data needs to be stored immediately without delay.

·  Advanced analytical computations on stored data are needed to extract useful information regarding a patient’s health.

·  Finding recovery patterns across different sectors of the society require very high volume data analysis.


·  We have developed a Big Data based multimedia platform to support e-health Big Data.

·  It allows high speed data collection, high volume data storage and high performance data analytics using a Hadoop based customized Big Data solution.


•  Sensor based e-health technologies can be used with ease.

•  Advanced data analytics can help study and discover new recovery metrics not imagined before.

•  E-health data stored in the cloud can be easily shared between remote locations.

Value to the Kingdom

•  A national e-Health Big Data infrastructure can be developed around this solution to provide data storage facility for all patients in the kingdom.

•  All hospitals in the kingdom can be linked to the high performance data center to support knowledge sharing and collaboration.

•  With the implementation of a standard Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, patients in the kingdom will be able to move between hospitals easily by electronically sharing their medical data between hospitals and physicians.