Recording, annotation and Playback of in-house multimedia therapy exercises with Kinect, Leap and Myo


·  Patients needing physiotherapy are increasing at a very high rate as compared to the increase in the number of therapists.

·  Individual home based care is expensive and time consuming.

·  Most of the people cannot perform exercise correctly without help from a professional therapist.

·  A therapist has no way of knowing if a patient performed exercises at home correctly or not.

·  There is no way for a therapist to correct a person performing exercise at home.


·  We have developed a multimedia playing, recording and annotation environment that allows a therapist to record sample exercise for the patient to view and follow at home.

·  The patient can record her own exercise session while following the therapist recorded session.

·  The therapist can annotate the patient’s session to provide audio/visual feedback on top of the patient recorded exercise session.


·  Therapists can remotely monitor patients.

·  Patients can get audio/visual feedback from the system and correct their exercise postures.

·  More patients can be handled by therapists since they do not have to spend time travelling to the patients’ homes and can also give feedback when patient is not available.

·  Patients do not have to get appointments or wait in long queues to see the doctor.

·  The Big Data backend supports simultaneous recording and storage of very large number of patients simultaneously.

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