Research on Pilgrim e-Health Services


·  Pilgrims from more than 140 countries come every year to Makkah for Hajj and Umrah.

·  Most of them are illiterate or do not understand enough Arabic language to explain their medical problems.

·  They do not know the locality and hence may not know how to find a hospital in case of emergency or whom to report any medical conditions.

·  Currently, pilgrims have no way of informing people of interest such as hajj agent, medical doctor, family members, fellow pilgrims etc. at nearby locations about the health issues, location of the patient, vital information of the patient etc.


·  We have developed a Haj and Umrah companion app and family connect app that provide health related services to pilgrims and connect pilgrims with their family members, co-pilgrims, hajj agencies, medical facilities and emergency department.

·  A pilgrim can find the nearest hospitals and medical facilities through the developed apps.

·  In case of emergency, the pilgrim can find the phone number of ambulance immediately and call directly from the phone or use the free SMS service to share vital as well as location information.

·  The traffic feature in the app can help a person reach the nearest medical facility in time by avoiding congested paths.

·  The translation feature can help the patient explain his problem to the medical personnel.

·  A health form is provided to the pilgrim to report any health related vital information to the authorities.

·  The applications can be downloaded from the following source 



·  To know details about the app, please visit

·  A video tutorial of How To is available

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Demo Scenario

The presenter will show the Health Form. Basic medical info can be sent to authorities through this form.

In places of interest, a pilgrim can see the nearest medical facility and get directions to get there.

The traffic update screen can tell him about possible accidents along the way so that he can change his route if needed.

In emergency, the pilgrim can find the phone number to call in case of medical emergency. In our new interface, the number will be callable directly from the screen.

In the same screen, the Free SMS can be used to send SMS in a medical emergency.

Through the news screen, a person can follow up with health related news.

Through the translation option, the patient can explain his problem to the medical staff if he does not know their language.

In the complaints section, the pilgrim can report health related problems in the area. He can also take photographs and send them through the app.

For all kinds of health related problems, the pilgrim can contact the Haj Agency immediately through the app.