Therapy Authoring to Create Customized and Personalized Therapies


·  Two thirds of the patients do not perform exercises correctly at home.

·  A patient needs constant coaching from the therapist while performing exercises.

·  A therapist has no way of knowing if a patient performed exercises at home correctly or not.

·  There is no way for a therapist to correct a person performing exercise at home.


·  We have developed a therapy authoring environment that allows a therapist to design a therapy with a few clicks of a mouse.

·  The therapist can make a video recording of the therapy and upload it to a cloud storage area for the patient to download and view while performing the exercise.

·  The patient can see her avatar/stick figure superimposed onto the stick figure/avatar of the patient while performing exercise.


·  Powerful gesture detection sensors record minute differences in joint movements and report full details of the exercise performed at home to the therapist.

·  Advanced analytics can provide detailed reports, graphs and charts regarding recovery.

·  Visual feedback allows the patient to correct exercise immediately.

·  Social media integration can help people recover quickly by sharing their experiences and supporting each other.

·  Big Data back end can store data generated by millions of users simultaneously.

·  Computational Intelligence can be used to study and discover new recovery parameters and patterns based on Big Data analysis.

Value to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

·  Nearly 2 million disabled people in Saudi Arabia can get benefit from this invention.

·  People living in distant areas of the country can get high quality medical services remotely.

·  Multilingual interface can be very helpful in dealing with patients from different nationalities.