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Multimedia Diary

This work presents a crowdsourced geo-spatial multimedia data aggregation tool that allows users to develop diary chapters relevant to forthcoming users’ spatio-temporal activities. Our developed system provides users with the ability to add POIs through an authoring environment with multiple dimensions, such as spatio-temporal filters, multimedia categories, and event types. Specific application domains such as emergency situations, leisure trips, journalism, and tourism can take benefit of this technique. This authoring environment also visualizes geo-spatial multimedia content for collocated points of interest (CPOI) with moving users’ timelines.

A complete journey that shows multiple multimedia components captured at different locations. The numbers greater than 1, are showing collocated components. The menu at the top helps in filtering these components to display only text, images, Audios, Videos and/or all media components.

Shows collocated components in an exploded view. One can select by tapping on a single component to see the details.

Show a media component selected by a user. It shows its location, caption with multiple options of editing/deleting and or sharing privately with community of interest COI and or publically.

Shows a friends (COI) list. A user once selects any diary chapter partially/fully to share with COI, he can send request which upon acceptance shows the shared component(s).